A Luxe, Renaissance Inspired Editorial Shooting 

During the planning process, Ilaria drew inspiration from 16th-century Italy and the charming, timeless interiors of Villa Rinuccino. This fusion of historical influences and contemporary design principles resulted in a space that exudes both sophistication and enduring beauty.

Villa Rinuccino is a sprawling property situated in a hill surrounding Florence. Its immaculate gardens and exquisite interiors offer the perfect destination for a luxury wedding in Tuscany.

This inspirational wedding takes its inspiration by the history of the Villa: it has been built by the Rinuccini Family, a noble family that included famous people, as Ottavio Rinuccini. He was the author of the first Opera’s sonnet.  Memorable were his first sonnets, such as “l’Euridice”, from which Ilaria takes inspiration for the text on the wedding invitation.

The Renaissance customs are recalled in every detail of this incredible shooting, from the menu to the wedding gown.

The delicacy of the flowers, the sweetness of her dog Sunny, and the elegance of the authentic location, are the setting for a small piece of Italian history reinterpreted thanks to the talented photographer Artiese.